Service & Innovation

Service & Innovation

Polymer Nation

Invests tremendously in R&D to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. We offer premium quality products displaying unique mechanical and chemical properties while facilitating the installers’ work routine.


Prompt service is what you will get when working with Polymer Nation. We understand that our customers don’t have time to waste so when you call, you will speak to a knowledgeable team member. If your call happens to go to voicemail, we will call you back within 15 minutes during office hours. Additionally, we offer 24-hour technical support on all registered projects.


Polymer Nation has a full testing and development laboratory and is constantly at work on new formulations and technologies. We have found that when testing our materials side-by-side against the competition, we continually outshine and outperform!

Polymer Nation Guarantee

Polymer Nation guarantees that the materials we manufacture meet the highest quality standards. We source raw materials from the best American companies and seek to promote an America first philosophy. We are proud to display the Made in America slogan on all of our materials!

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