Polymer Nation Academy

Polymer Nation Academy

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Polymer Nation Academy?

Polymer Nation is Setting the Standard for what a resinous flooring supplier should be. With over 100+ years of combined experience in our leadership ranks, our purpose is to create products that open doors for those who use them, and to make the installation process as easy and predictable as possible.

If you are a partner in the Polymer Nation Distributor Program, the Polymer Nation Academy is an added benefit. Specialized classes tailored for sharing knowledge, enhancing skills and value added education are available from Polymer Nation to the distributor. If you are not a Distributor, would like to become one or have questions about the Polymer Nation Academy, please contact us.

Polymer Nation Academy Benefits

  • Highly recommended by businesses across the nation
  • Become an industry leader in knowledge and experience
  • Sharing information not normally shared
  • More than a show-and-tell; it’s an education
  • Understanding lab results and characterization of materials
  • Open door information
  • Not just finding solutions, but fixing the problem
  • Brings value to the installer and the customer
  • From newcomers to well-seasoned professional, you will learn something
  • Personal and professional development

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