Floor Coatings

Pre-Pigmented Epoxy Floor Coating

Clear Epoxy Floor Coating

Pigmented Epoxy Trowel Mortar

Pigmented Epoxy Slurry

Clear Epoxy Trowel Mortar

Clear Epoxy Slurry

Clear UV Resistant Epoxy Floor Coating

Clear UV Resistant 100% Solids Epoxy Slurry Quartz

Clear UV resistant 100% solids epoxy Slurry Terrazzo

Clear UV Resistant 100% Solids Epoxy Quartz Trowel Down

Urethane Concrete Dressing

Urethane Concrete Slurry Overlay – 28 lb

Urethane Concrete Slurry Overlay – 36 lb

Urethane Concrete Trowel Overlay

Standard Speed Pigmented Polyaspartic

Standard Speed Clear Polyaspartic

Medium Speed Pigmented Polyaspartic

Medium Speed Clear Polyaspartic

Fast Speed Pigmented Polyaspartic

Fast Speed Clear Polyaspartic

Polymer Nation Guarantee

Polymer Nation guarantees that the materials we manufacture meet the highest quality standards. We source raw materials from the best American companies and seek to promote an America first philosophy. We are proud to display the Made in America slogan on all of our materials!

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